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Covid19 Update!!


  Due to the Covid19 Virus and the stay home, work safe emergency orders, all of our sales are being pushed back at least 4 weeks.  If the emergency orders are extended we will adjust our sales as well.  We wish our clients and customers the best during these unprecedented times.

Estate Sale Services


Looking for a reputable estate sale company? You've come to the right place.

 Specializing in selling the contents of complete homes, luxury estates, antiques, collectibles: such as furniture, fine art, coins, fine jewelry, automobiles and all other goods.  Estate Sales By K&D, LLC conduct 2 to 3 day sales depending on the size of the estate. There are times when there is not enough items to conduct an estate sale. In these cases we can make a cash offer to buy those items.  We also provide all advertising, signage and directions to your sale. The ultimate goal is to sell everything for top dollar and leave you with an empty clean swept house. 


Our services include estate sales, downsizing, buyouts and moving sales.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they find themselves needing to liquidate an estate and they may become overwhelmed.  We pride ourselves at organizing, staging and the sell of your items to maximize revenue.  This is done all in a hassle free compassionate manner.  During your free consultation, we will compose  a successful plan for any situation to guarantee a professional estate sale. We have the experience and knowledge needed to conduct your sale.  We clean, organize, display, research, price, advertise and sell the contents of the estate.  We supply all staff and any equipment needed including, tables, table cloths, tags, clothing racks, jewelry cases, wrapping materials and more.  At the completion of your sale all unsold items will be boxed up for donation and placed in the designated area selected by you.  We will coordinate with local charities for pick up and supply you with a tax donation receipt.  At the close of your sale the house will be swept clean.  We can coordinate trash removal and house cleaning services.


Estate Sales By K&D, LLC makes an estate sale simple, profitable and easier than ever.

Clients are not required to do anything.  Our team of experts analyze the entire estate to make sure nothing is missed.  Sometimes the smallest item can be extremely valuable.  Rest assured you are in good hands with Estate Sales By K&D, LLC.


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We look forward to seeing  you at our upcoming sales. See you soon Katy and Debbie.

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