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* May 10 & 11, 2019 - Charming house in Windcrest


Reviews From Clients

Testimonial from Oakwells Farm resident

Unbelievable, incredible, fantastic are just three of the many words I could use to describe the work done by Katy and Debbie with Estate Sales by K&D.  The estate sale was across the street from my home and I saw these women begin work at 6:00 every morning for five weeks before the first day of the sale.  They worked tirelessly until five or six in the evening.  I was very impressed from the first day they began to prepare for the estate sale.  This was a house that had years and years of "over accumulation" of things.  While there were beautiful pieces of furniture, china, glassware, books, antiques, and art, there were literally thousands of "things" that would become someone else's "treasure".  There were hundreds of "duplications" - I truely have never seen anything like it. I admired Katy and Debbie even more after witnessing what they had to find, organize, display, and price.  

As I got to know them over the weeks, I was continually impressed with their organizational skills, their dedication, determination, business savvy, and honesty.  They were a constant presence of true professionalism and they know and implement their skills in extraordinary ways.  They were on top of every issue- permits, insurance, security, parking- they took care of everything!

I can not imagine a better, more efficient or professional estate sale company with truely amazing owners!